November 26th, 2009  

Topic: 92G-->922A

I just had a quick question, but let me set the stage for you first.

I am an old fart, (26yrs old), and I have a BA in Culinary Mgnt. and an AA in Culinary Arts from different schools. I also have about 10 years in my current field. Now, with my BA joining the Army would put me in as an E-4. I was wondering when I receive my stripes if it's possible to get a waiver for the time in service for Warrant Officer School as a 922A. I took my ASVAB, which I could have done much better on if I had studied and wasn't sick as a dog. I only scored an 88 and my lowest 'line score' was either 111 or 110, I cant seem to remember. Anyways this is something I should have done right out of high school, but I was a dumbass and didn't do it. lol As for being a 92G, it honestly sounds like one of the worst possible jobs, but I have been told that unless I do it I would receive ANY of the educational bonuses/student loan repayment which would partially pay off my $90k in student loans. Oh, I also have 3 years of JROTC which really doesn't help me any. It would be helpful to know if anyone is currently serving as a 92G or as a 922A. I would like to know if its all 'canoe paddle' cooking or are there times which one can get out on patrols or something.

Yeah so basically it comes down to this, can someone going in as an E-4 and then work quickly to get promoted to an E-5 go to Warrant Officer School before 5 years of service time IF they have several years and a BA in the field in which they are going?

BTW I did search the forums previously but found very little, if I failed at properly searching please feel free to flame away