9-11 Thread: long Version Posts in Rememberence

September 11th, 2004  
Mark Conley
To the City of New York City; for the survivors, and the families of those that did not survive: I send respectful greetings:

I am offened reminded of the simularities between the attack by the terrorists on 9-11, and the Oklahoma City Bombing. My offering to you is not my words, but the heartfelt words of a fire rescue team that spray painted these words on the wall of the journel Record Building during the rescue phase at the site on that day in April 19, 1995:

"We search for the truth

We seek justice

The courts require it

The victims cry for it

And GOD demands it."

Beside the words are spray painted, "(Rescue) Team 5, 4-19-95."

It is my hope that our combined United States Military and other Govenmental Agencies will fulfill that which is required from Osama Bin Laden. I believe Osama will stand up and be held accountable for his actions: Its now our task to ensure he makes his appearance before the proper authoritees. Of course, the problem is which authority: this man has done so much against the whole world, not Just NYC. He just left the largest wake up call there.

"One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All" is part of the pledge we, the Citizens of United States Citizens, make. It still is Osama: you and Timothy McVeigh didnt stop it at all.
September 11th, 2004  
May our loving Lord and Peace be with the Families who lost loved ones on Sept 11, 2001

every one is a hero in my eyes exspecially the members of U.S. Air Flight 93 that crashed in Summerset PA. LETS ROLL.

As a fellow firefighter my heart exspecially goes out to my fellow brothers and sister in NYC who lost so many on that day. Fallen but NEVER Forgotten.
September 11th, 2004  
On my web group I am working on a thread that has the names of all the troops that have given their all in response to the events following 9-11 OIF and OEF. If you would like a link just PM me.
September 11th, 2004  
9/11 is a day we must never forget.