4 vs 5 man crews, - Page 4

November 22nd, 2014  
I don't ever seriously intend too. Even under peace time and if offered I don't know if I would accept, seems interesting and maybe even a little fun but for me I would not want to lose focus. These are war machines, designed for war. It's not my profession and it would feel unsettling trying to fill shoes that are only appropriately filled by either a designer who has gone through engineering school to build such a machine. Or a trained service member who has the credentials to operate one.

It would feel like trying to perform brain surgery almost without spending a day in med school.

As for restoring and preserving such a machine. That would be of great interest, keeping history alive as more than a static display and maybe making a veteran smile in the process. Even from national standpoint, these machines are a part of my nation's modern history that cannot forgotten.

Once more thanks for all those who posted in my reply. For you cannot ever gain any insight if you first don't but ask.


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