17 years old, want to join a PMC.

December 7th, 2008  

Topic: 17 years old, want to join a PMC.

Leatly I've been noticing that my life isn't going to any(good) direction.
I have a plan, which doesn't include High School in it but my parents are too
irrational to think from a different angle to understand what's going on..

I'm 17 years old, last year in High School and was thinking of joining
the IDF(Israeli Defence Force) Special Forces for some time now.

..but the truth is.. I don't give a damn about this country(or any other
country in that matter).

As I'm not a native Israeli(I arrived to Israel at the age of 2 from Russia),
therfore I consider myself as an outsider no matter where I am.

Anyhow and ways; I'm sick and tired of this boring life, thus I want to join a Privite Military Company, and fast.

I was thinking of joining a PMC(as a SF soldier) which operates in South Africa. Why? -- For personal reasons which I won't elaborate..

There are also some (rather obvious) issiues which I'm facing:

Main roadblock for me is my age -- 17. From what I understand most
PMC's don't allow people under the age of 18 to join.. or am I wrong?

I also have this issiue of my parents and their disallowment for anything.. unconvetional...

And, offcourse; I don't know much about PMCs so I'd appreciate if anyone
could give me any suggestions for good PMCs which operate in South Africa((mostly) English speaking, cause I dunno.. South African?).

Many thanks in advance,

p.s. Forgot to add: I really need suggestion for how can I get out of this
country(I guess I'd be called a desserter, eh? whatever). But I don't have
any money, so assuming that the PMC recruits overboard
AND allows people of 17 years of age to join their ranks; is there a chance
that they will pay for my "trip" and take it from my salary later on?

p.s.s. Just in case there's no PMC company which allows the said above in South Africa;
a PMC in the Arab lands(Iraq, Iran, whatever.) is fine too.

p.s.s.s. I noticed that people in the forums are sort of against PMCs and "future thinkers"
(I'm not trying to offend here anybody so please don't take offence).
Anyways; please don't try to sway my mind into joining the IDF or finishing HighSchool or anything.

I thought about it alot so I'd appreciate it if you leave "those things" unsaid, and focus on the "meat and potatoes". thx.

Again, many thanks in advnace for potential helpers,
December 7th, 2008  
A Can of Man
your citizenship may be an issue.
I too am a foreigner no matter where I go but as far as PMC options go, it's a no go due to citizenship.
December 7th, 2008  
Why my citizenship's a problem?? :/

From what I know most of the PMC comanies DO recruit overboard..
So why you say it's a problem?..
December 7th, 2008  
PMCs want men with lots of experience and there are plenty of them available, also I wouldn't tell them too much about your apparent lack of patriotism, I feel that prospective employers might not necessaily see it as a good point.

Join the IDF and if you are good enough, get into the SF side of things. You just might like it enough to want to stay. If not, get 10 yers experience up in SF and you might have a chance of being picked up by a worthwhile PMC.

You are 17, and will be regarded as still wet behind the ears, any PMC that picked you up as you are, is only going to get you killed for no money.

That's just my opinion.
December 7th, 2008  
A Can of Man
That's sound advice there.
December 8th, 2008  
I saw enough PMCs which recruit 18year olds, plus I doubt that
they will send me out to combat b4 I get a decent ammount of training(that would be just stupid..)

I don't understand why you are ranting about? besides, I asked NOT to try
to sway my mind off it and tip me to join the IDF.. so please...
December 8th, 2008  
Firstly,... real PMCs are not in the business of training people, that's why they pick up people who are already highly trained. Even many regular ex service men find it hard to get picked up by reputable groups. My son did 6 years regular army and 3 years with the SAS and when he tried to go in through the back door as you are trying to do, he ended up in Mozambique lifting old russian mines for about $2.50 a shot, while his company were being paid $20. It was only his experience that got him into a good job when he met a mate from the regiment in a bar in Johannesburg, between jobs

Yep, I have no doubt that there are cowboys out there, but they don't pay. Nor do they have any back up, if you get in the poo,... you'll be on your own. You'll probably end up dead or in prison in some third world country. Also these groups don't go to the real wars but end up in places like the Congo, half the time they don't even know which side they are fighting for, using cast of weapons and equipment and sometimes they are just sacrificed for the hell of it.
December 8th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Listen to him. He knows what he's talking about.
December 8th, 2008  
IF you find a PMC willing to recruit a 17-18 years old without any military experience then you really don't want to "work" for them...

As senojekips said above, most of them don't train you much at all but do expect you do have quite an amount of experience
Some give you courses, but then again you'll need experience before being able to attend those courses.

There are however a few PMCs that offers "military courses" for quite a lot of money, but the training you get there really isn't worth much in a real life situation..
December 13th, 2008  

Firstly, about the IDF...I know you dont want this advice but I hope you read it anyhow. Ive served with many Russian-Israelis. Yes, they will always be Russian, but they will also always be Israelis. I can tell you with all my heart, they were some of the best soldiers, people, and friends I met in the service. I beg that you think long and hard before deciding not to serve.

Now that I got the Zionist talk out of the way Here is my very practical advise.

Train physically and prepare your body. Go to Yom Sayarot, pass the selection and go to a Sayeret of one kind or another. Do your few years of service.
You will find this course of action has several benefits for you:
1) You will find out if you can actually "walk the walk"
2) You will recieve for free priceless military training
3) The fact that you were in the IDF special forces will increas your chance of emplyment in any PMC.
4) Your parents will be happy and you will get some peace of mind. Than when your 21 or 22 you can tell your parents its big-boy time and do what ever you want.
5) And this is going to upset you...But ill say it anyways. When you are 21 you may not feel the way you feel now. When I was 17 I was sure I will be an officer in the IDF until i retire at 45 and than work in some military related civilian firm. I than actually joined the IDF. I found out military life
isent a made for TV documentry.

Happy Hanuka, hanuka....

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