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March 23rd, 2010  

Topic: Requirements

Ok Gents,

You must be a Cpl, Sgt or on your first year as a SSgt (Male or Female)
You must have a GT score of 110 or higher
You must be a US Citizen
You must be 21 years of age
You must have 3 years of obligated service upon graduation of the MAGTF CI/HUMINT Basic Course
You must be Eligible to obtain a TS/SCI Clearance

Must be able to think outside the box
Must be able to be trusted on his abilities of operating on his own
Must be able to be TALK (make conversations), be APROACHABLE (not be so into himself that no one wants to talk to him) and most important HUMBLE
Confidence is prefered over Cockyness...

NO, is not a entry level MOS and its not given. You must go thru a series of screenings, interviews and evaluations before you even get to do any OJT time. You can also be dropped from the school if you cant keep up with the intensive training schedule or if you show any sign of lack of being able to adapt. Many undergo further training and is always a good thing to know that a new applicant will be able perform.
October 11th, 2010  
I apologize for being very late on this. I think I can make it pretty clear as a former active 0251. First and foremost... there are no longer any 0251's in the USMC. The MOS was phased out so all active 0251's became 0211 (CI) after going through a relatively basic version of the CI course.
Now... if you're looking to become an 0211 you must first apply to be seen by the board. (((Whatever you do, don't re-enlist before the board!!!))) Re-enlisting into the 0211 MOS doesn't even guarantee you a seat in front of the board. If they don't select you, you'll simply be redirected as an intelligence analyst (which is a very lame MOS!). If you are fortunate enough to go in front of the board and aren't selected than you'll become an analyst (again very lame). If you are selected, you become an OJT (on the job training) until you wait for your slot to go up to the Basic CI Course in NMITC. The course is very difficult and the wash out % is high. If you don't pass they may give you an opportunity to go back if they really like you. If they don't then you become.... again.... an analyst!
If you do happen to pass the course.... they give you credentials and send you out into the world
January 15th, 2011  
things may change but there are only 3 platoons of Marine CounterIntel MOS's. One platoon from Pendelton, Okinawa and Lejune. Before you can join you will undergo a personal evaluation where you will have to write college level papers on various political topics. Before you join you will have to go to Army jump school in Fort Benning.. which is a pain since you will be a single Marine typically around a bunch of army. But you will have to have jump wings. Once you get your jump wings you will undergo a personal interview by a board of your peers. If you pass this interview process you will undergo about six months of training. Once you become 0211 you will typically be deployed to be a laison to various units. Often times you will be attached to army units. Most often you will be working alone.
January 15th, 2011  
Oh and expect to be deployed overseas for a minium of 3-4 years
August 24th, 2011  
This is in response to Marinerhodes message. You are an idiot and that is not how the recruiters select the jobs for them. With the high rate of people coming into the Marine Corps. The jobs are on a first come basis. There over all asvab score determines nothing with them getting asigned there jobs. Its has to do with there sub scores on the asvab such as GT,MM,CL, AND EL. People like you that write in open forums as if they know what they are talking about make a recruiters job much harder. Since your the expert you do your time on the streets and then post in this forum and tell us what you think.
August 24th, 2011  
I'm also in the process of lat moving into the 0211 field. I'm almost finished with my writing assignments.. I was curious if anyone knows what kinda questions will be asked during my board interview and also what does the OJT consist of once I do the lat move before going to the school?

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