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Quotations Sites Military Sites Military Jokes and Humor Sites:
- The Quote Board
A large collection of quotes sorted in authors and categories
- Cool Quotes
A great collection of cool quotes
- Love Poems, Quotes, Poetry
Collection of romantic love poems and love quotes.
- The PoetPatriot
Poems of Patriotism, Faith, Love, Life and more writings by the PoetPatriot.
- Motivational Quotes
Quote Me On It offers over 16,000 motivational quotes organized by subject and author
The web's #1 site for Navy SEAL information, news, and merchandise.
- WW1 Color Photos
A great collection of color photos from World War 1
- Timothy G. Davies
Author of the "Day of the Ranger" and "The Southern Cross" books
A monthly history publication written by the men and women who were there
- Fort Liberty
Using the first amendment to protect the second
- Operation Color the World
Dedicated to the soldiers, their families, and children of war-torn countries.
- 1st Bn M 5th Inf 25th Div
Survivors of the Battle for Cu Chi 1966
- 332nd Engineer GS Regiment
dedicated to the men who served in the 332nd Engineer General Service Regiment
- Navy Standard .com
US Navy Desktop Graphics

- Pvt Murphy's Law
The great Cartoons about Private Murphy! Highly Recommended!
Out of Step - Military Jokes
Even if no one asks, tell some of these military jokes and get some guaranteed laughs. Subscribe to the daily email.
- Downrange Comics

Downrange is based on the authors daily OIF experiences and is published weekly in the Stars and Stripes, The Scimitar, and Freedom Watch.
- GI-Greetings
Humorous cartoons of military training and Comics for all the U.S. branches of armed service.
- Cold War Political Jokes
Original jokes from the Cold War Era. Well selected humor material about communism, dictators, rumours and all the rest about the Cold War.


History Sites Military History Sites Other Jokes/Humor sites
- Family History
Ancestral Branches can provide you a detailed project with extensive research of your family's ancestors.
- Military History of Canada

- World War 2 newspaper archives of Canada
- HumorLinks
A huge online Humor and comedy directory
- Jokes Gallery
Find lots of jokes, funny pictures and movies on this site

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