Who has the Best officers Hand guns?

The link shows that both the SIG and the Browning have 13 round staggered box magazines. The US uses the Beretta M-9 (model 92) which has a 15 round staggered box magazine. I prefer the Beretta, probably because I have more experience with it, but I can say that it has never failed me.
I think, and ive said it before, that in situations where combat is possible, oficers should carry M4 carabines, or similar weapons. If they choose to cary a weapon, I think most new high quality handguns are very simialr and are all preety much OK.
godofthunder9010 said:
Hey, things go wrong in war sometimes. Never know when a knife or handgun is gonna come in real hand, do ya?

No, I guess I don't .. I've only been in a few or more conflicts. ;)
now, im not saying dont take one along, but it dosent matter if its a glock, barreta, H&K....They are all preety much the same. And hopefully, you wont use it at all...I recall stories oof IDF officers that died because they wouldent carry a rifle, and favored a pistol...
I like the Beretta 92f or the M9 because it shoots standard 9mm Luger which can easily be bummed off NATO allies because it is a standardized round.
The question is not who has the best handguns as they are all meant to do the same thing in combat and that is to permnantly disable your enemy. The accuracy of the firearm would depend on the person shooting the firearm and how accurate they are in handling themselves in a combat situation.