What category do you fall under?

I don't "fall under any category" but i do have devoted myself to a certain sub-cutural way of life, if you mean that.
I fall under no category, as each of us is unique in our own way. I am my own person and follow the beat of my own drum.
Im not a redneck but I am definetly a country boy. When Im at school I dress preppy, but am not at all. Im just a war junkie. :cowb:
Courtenay said:
There are lots of 'regular' people once you get into the adult world hon.
"Metamusal - So you can stay regular for life."

Yep, regular is good and so is lots of fiber in your diet.

:firedevi: :firedevi:
Preppy,Goth and Punk, It depends on what mood I am in and what state I am off too. I may live in the south but I do not have redneck moments and I am trying to talk my granparents to be like everyone else in my family, sell the farm and build a a 350,000 doller house, after all my grandparents paid for most of the houses in my family :roll: