Vietnam Reenacting


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I'm Taking part in a joint operation to create a realistic Vietnam War film, can anyone help with clothing / equipment / effects etc.

P.S. I'm not Spielberg, so I dont have a $3 million budget ;)


Hi Rafterman, Welcome to the Forum. :D

Sounds like a really interesting project.
Do you have any more info about it?

We have some Vietnam veterans as members in the forum, so you should be able to get some help here.
We are station in the UK, and so need recources close to us / online for our eqipment.

We need things like accurate clothing used by marines in the Vietnam War, (fatigues, boots, helmets, flak jackets, M1956 LCE suspenders - pouches etc.) and maby some advice on small details in the way the troops used their gear. We have weapons, but we are lacking an M60, and M79 launcher. :rambo: We are even considering rubber models, as they will only be used as extras weapons.

Also pyrotechnics are needed for bullet impacts and small explosions.


i have thought about making an insanely small scale vietnam movie myself, probably with a lot of splicing from Platoon and other movies.
Sorry to dredge up an older post..

Are you still looking for individuals? I have a few contacts you could follow up.
Come to Ft.Knox (it's where I live) you can talk to the Patton Museum curator.we've got guys that barrow gear for a huge Veitnam reeactment they've got everything 113's, M16A1s/AR15's, Ak47's, Jeeps, M48A1's, M60's, LAWs, ect......