U.S. air forces attack an insurgent's weapons cache

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U.S. air forces attack an insurgent's weapons cache in western Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq - (AP) U.S. Air Force jets destroyed a building
near the Syrian border Wednesday where al-Qaida insurgents hid weapons, the
U.S. military said.
The attack occurred early in the day in the village of Bu Hardan
near the cities of Qaim and Husaybah where U.S. and Iraqi troops conducted a
major operation in the past four days.
"The terrorists were seen moving mortars and other small weapons
into the targeted building," the statement said. "This weapons cache was
directly linked to mortar attacks on Coalition and Iraqi security forces."
The statement said the raid destroyed the building and "all contents
of the weapons cache."
Late Tuesday, the military announced that U.S. and Iraqi forces have
secured the town of Husaybah and that al-Qaida-led insurgents there have
been neutralized.