Two Iraqis meet, somewhere in the USA.


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One starts to greet the other in Arabic, the language of their native country, but the other Iraqi waves him away contemptuously and says, "We're in America now. Speak Spanish!"
I had an eye-opening experience in 1998 when I did a summer course at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Just about everyone around me spoke Spanish in ordinary conversation with one another - at the library, in class breaks, at the cafeteria, etc, but upon inquiry I found out they were permanent residents of the US or were citizens. I was amazed.

Has someone done research on whether Spanish will overtake English in the US?
its sucks to everybody should speak english and all the yankee state think that got it bad you should come to florida we have more spanish speaking people then any thing else i can tell by listening to them if they are mexican cuban or purto rican