Total War: Medieval


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So does anyone else play this game, I bought it yesterday and am hooked right now. I have been looking for so online games. So if anyone else plays lets see the posts hehe.
I have it and love it. Im a strategic game freak so I switch between it and Superpower lately. I might get the Viking expansion pack soon also.
SUPERB gamei tryed to finish with egyiptians,and i did.The best thing bout them is that they give you the greatest numper of kids(princ and princes)
I have it too. I love it. Nothing like dominatin half of Europe. The only time i actually "won" was with the Byzantines. And i only had half of Europe. Oh well. I still kicked butt... 8) :horsie: :viking: Such a fun game. Have you heard about Rome: Total War, its gonna be in FULL 3D! I think, or something like that, but i know it wil be in 3D. Its gonna be sick!