teenagers push schoolboy off cliff

That doesn't make sense. I mean people don't just randomly go around pushing people off cliffs. There had to be some underlying motive, like race, crred, or maybe there was a confrontation. Sounds fishy to me :?
Exactly what I'm thinking, there was no evidential reasoning for the crime, maybe they just didn't like him, wanted to hurt him - and got caught up in the moment...
Duncan claimed he thought he had been struck with a golf club by the boy and had also been punched in the mouth by him.
How do you think someone hit you with a golf club and punched you in the mouth? Isn't that one of the things you either know or don't? And why were the boys carrying around golf clubs and a baton? Just doesn't make sense.
There is no "reason". That's because these guys weren't "reasonable" They acted like psychotic animals. Any "reasonable" person would never drive a person off of a cliff. They had a 3 to 1 advantage, none of them were injured, this is obviously a criminal act. They should be thrown over the same cliff after 18 holes of "beatdown the jackass". If it was my son they never would have made it to trial.
Roger that. There are sociopaths all over the world, from the Beltway sniper to that German cannibal to the nutjob Indian parents who poured acid all over the face of their dughter-in-law because they thought she wasn't good enough for their son.

However the actions of these people, horrible as they are, are NOT and indictment of society, in whole or in part, in any culture in any time you can find the same sick things happening.
(the above is in regards to the "what is wrong with kids today comment," to which I would answer nothing that wasn't wrong with them a hundred years ago)
Maybe they were drunk or on drugs? Maybe they thought that having a golf club gives them power and they wanted to try it on the first person they met and they eventually didn't know when to stop. We will never find out the real reason, i don't think that any of them will say it.