Talk about bad luck with the ladies!

Hours later I come back to this topic and it still makes me laugh. How are people so stupid...... Why do I even bother asking.
Thank god that they realized that they are Mom and son at the first date and not after a longer time :lol:

vive la fance
thats just..... yeah.... gross to a spectacular degree
i wonder if the father and sister have ever answered any personal ads?
Well you know what they say....

Incest is best!!

Your not a proper lover, until you've had your mother!!

lol what a prat, I feel sorry for his dad not getting any action, because his son is lol
wow, i just about through up after reading this. that is pretty dumb, how can they not know after 27yrs of living, you would think there are things his mom would say that would tip him off :/.../me shivers