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Yesterday and today I have recieved several returned e-mails from MAILER-DEAMON and postmaster accounts.
It seems like someone/something is forwarding spam with the domain!!

AOL has already banned mails, since several of their members have reported spam from here.
That means that no new members with AOL e-mails can register yet... :?

I have contacted my web host and AOL about this problem, and I'm waiting for a reply now!

Please do NOT open any e-mails from any e-mails other that:

I'll post here again as soon as I know any more about this!

All Spammer should burn in H**L!!! :firedevi:
I hate those guys... :evil:

But it turns out that it wasn't as serious as I first thought..
AOL isn't banning, but the entire server is on..
My web host said that this issue would be taken care of within 48 hours...

The spam is not coming from my server, so I'm not hacked..
But someone is "spoofing" my e-mail adress.
This means the he sends e-mails from his own adress, but conceals them as adresses.
find out more about e-mail spoofing on google here:

These e-mail adresses are luckily easy to identify, since most of them are not real names/adresses.
All of the returned mails i got came from nonsense adresses like zxcvcsfwrtsvcxt@

So my normal adresses should be ok.
But I really hope that no one else thinks that I'm a spammer... :?
It's almost nothing I can do about this either, and it can last as long as a week or two... :?

Please contact me if you have any advice...
Looks like the worst part is over now..

No more returned mails from myself in the last couple of days.

I just don't hope there's too many angry people out there who got viagra and get-rich-quick mails from "me"...

A Spamfilter is a very nice thing to have..

Not over yet.
Still getting returned e-mails..

Please contact me if you you get any "spam" from