Should US operations be scaled back during Ramadan?

Should US operations be scaled back during Ramadan?

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  • The US should only attack in retaliation to rebel attacks

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In some wars in the past, opposing sides have agreed to some sort of ceasefire during Ramadan.

Should the US attempt to scale back operations in Iraq during the Ramadan holiday?
I agree.

I bet the US will be criticized for attacks during Ramadan even though the rebels are attacking too. All too often the US gets criticized while the opposite party gets off free. I have heard a few muslims complaining that the US is violating the sanitary of mosques in Iraq. Some one needs to school those people in the Geneva convention. Once weapons are brought into a church, that church loses all protection under the Geneva convention,
Im not sure really. On one hand, its a decent thing to do. Its a good flag to wave at the more moderate muslims...On the other hand, the Arabs attacked Israel on Ramadan 1973, so it never bothered them...[/code]
They should be careful... If insurgents attack, well who expects any different from them? But if the US attacks, its another ^^disrespectful display of arrogance from the evil heathen west^^ and the islamistic freaks score a propaganda victory. :shock:

I would tune it down to necessary ops and retaliation
For common sense sake they should hold off unless attacked themselves but we all know in the past that there appears to be a double standard at work, i.e. it's ok for certain Muslim factions to attack on Ramadan but when a non-muslim attacks they get condemed for it. :roll:
I vote for #3..

"winning their hearts and minds" is one of the most important things in Iraq right now.
A lot of the Iraqi population are (almost) neutral towards the US, and they may easily turn against US if something happens during Ramadan..
redleg you're right and I was wrong.

The US must show the Iraqi people that Americans are not the muslim hates that so many people believe they are.
Some of the radical muslims will still attack Coalliton Forces in Iraq and I am sure there will be plenty of attacks throughout the world during Ramadan. Here is a partial article about last year's Ramadan.

Last Ramadan was the bloodiest in recent history. In Iraq, the first day of the Muslim holy month opened with a devastating attack on the International Red Cross and Iraqi police stations, killing 42 people and wounding 200. Weeks later, came two simultaneous bombings at Istanbul synagogues, followed five days later by another set of two attacks on a British bank and British consulate in Istanbul. Ramadan 2003 also saw a suicide attack on a Saudi housing compound, and another plan to attack pilgrims in the holy city of Mecca was foiled. A plot in Yemen to blow up a hotel used by Americans during the holy month was also thwarted.
The enemy will use Ramadan to the fullest ability. Americans must not scale back operations, though they should perhaps scale back a little bit on the shooting if possible.
The realy need to for the simple fact that if America carriers out an major attack on some Holy Site or captures some high Muslim official it may make these past attacks seem like nothing, Plus it would allow The insurgents to claim they are getting revenge, O yes and about isreal attacking arabia, they hate each other. it could be international peace day and one of them are going to blow something up.
~ Four churchers in one day ~ I think that answer the question and one more thing ---- Anyone old enough or with History knowledge about the occurrences/events between 30 - 31 January 1968? I say learn from the past and achieve victory in the long term. ;)