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Hello everyone...the first thing you should know about me is I am not serving, nor have I ever served in the armed services. The name is from the Marvel comic character which I loved reading since ........well i could read. I discovered him about the time I discovered the Men at War comics that were once my uncles.....I read em over and I was sick a lot as a child and unable to do much beyond read......People have accused me before of trying to "pretend" to be a military person. I never have. Nor would I. That is disgraceful....this is just a name of a character, it suits my personality, and if i use a lot of military is because i am from Tennessee and I know as many military people as I have fingers and toes. I am a strong supporter of the military, and constantly feel I missed my call.

Secondly, though I have not served in the military I can say I regret it, I nearly joined fresh out of HS but girls and parties called my name, then burn out from partying to hard, then jobs to pay for burn out period, then gf due to having a job, then gf became fiance, then the years melted away, and suddenly I find it rather late to friends in the military of course laugh, and say I made the right choice....but I don't think any of them believe that enough to trade. This is my largest regret, at 31 yrs of age.

I sell sharp things, and military reproductions. Never really planned on it, I worked for insurance for awhile too never planned on that either. Somehow swords and me were destined to unite, and so now I work for a company mostly known for their blades and swords, we carry funtional and decorative swords.....I am the Photo monkey & assistant marketing monkey.

I have mostly been accused of being too liberal or a hippie most my life.....(hell I even have a liberal arts major). My social views still remain very liberal, but my economic views have always been conservative. (Party like a Democrat, watch wallet like a Republican, and tell em both to kiss off when they want your dollar) funny though......Suddenly since 911 I have been called "radical right wing", "facist", "warmonger", "chickenhawk", etc etc etc....The funny thing is my beliefs never changed, I was just raised to be patriotic, have a low tolerance for BS, and that you defend your people through thick and thin. Apparently today if your patriotic......your a's like teh whole world changed around me on it's views and i never noticed......(shrug)....but i do like to shoot, slice, and blow up things........I love rifles, swords, and homade....ummmm let's say fireworks *cough* who knows maybe they're on to something.

Lastly I am opinionated.......VERY much so. In the future when I weigh in I would like people to just remember this. I may consider your ideas idiotic, I may attack them, but I do not respect people less because of differing views. I judge peopel based on actions more then words. I am just passionate on my beliefs.....please don't take it personally. I also think I have just as much a right to a opinion on policy that involves military matters as any member of the armed forces. I am a citizen, and unlike most people in the civilian world, I consider the word "citizen" a privlage, and a responsibility, as opposed to some unearned "right". I suppose though that my lack of service...just gives me less right to critique or complain how the military functions.

I am an avid Gamer and can be found playing many online shooters, I love Battle Rifles preferably when they still were wood and blued steel. I consider the study of the sword, to be the study of mankind. I study martial arts for teh same reason, as I study history.

I am rambling...I'll shut up now.
Hi "Sergeant", long but good introduction! :lol:


No problem with your username, as long as you have written an explanation in your profile. (and it's a well known cartoon character..)
Sgt. Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos! I don't think we have any Japanese Samurai, but should they come aboard, you'll be the first to know. :lol:

Welcome to the forum.
welcome Nick!

Naw...its Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. (first one that knows what shield was stand up!)

An honest post..TY
Mark Conley said:
Naw...its Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. (first one that knows what shield was stand up!)

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos! You never read those or like his time with S.H.I.E.L.D better? WWII time. Colonel "Happy" Sam Sawyer

S.H.I.E.L.D -Tim Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones .. Network Nina. :lol: Those are the only ones I can think of off hand.
Sgt. Nick Fury said:
...I sell sharp things, and military reproductions. ...

No kidding??

Me too! Well my whole family does (I'm 14). Gun shows, swap meets, conventions, just locally. Welcome to the forum fellow edged-weapon salesman! :D
Welcome Fury. I'm looking forward to your opinions. It'll be interesting to see how many folks you'll cross swords with :horsie:
LOL well thanks for the welcome. I hope I don't cross swords with em to often......for their sakes. :twisted:

I never really liked Nick Fury Agent of shield as much. I was more into the original Sgt Nick Fury WW2 series that made him famous. Hope to see you all in the forums!