Rottweiler Kills Black Bear Cub in New Jersey


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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, N.J. — A Rottweiler killed a black bear cub, according to police.
The dog, Max, was in an outdoor kennel but got out when the cub wandered onto the property Tuesday and right into the Rottweiler's path.
Max's owner built the pen in July after the 5-year-old pet caused the death of a neighborhood dog.
Teri Daubner told The Daily Record of Parsippany, N.J., that Max was simply protecting his owners. She worries that township officials will decide her dog is a danger.
The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating.
Daubner said the bear's mother came into the back yard and dragged the cub's body into the woods about two hours after the little bear was killed.,2933,411401,00.html
Rottie's are good dogs, brave. They did a study with different breeds, the Rottie was the only one they consistently found that would not back down to a lion. I am not so sure the Momma bear would have been victorious.
The problem with Rottie's, at least far as you using them as K-9's for example, is that they tend to be very lazy and moody dogs. A good one is up for working about 60% of the time. A good K-9 ought to be well over 80%.
There is no way on Earth a rottweiler, however big and viscious, could take a fully grown black bear, unless the bear wanted to lose or was already wounded. One swat from that paw and any dog's face will shatter. I see black bears in my yard sometimes. They don't look big - compared to grizzlies. But in fact they are huge compared to any other animal you'll see around here.

Rotts are pretty cool, though. My friend has one that's ironically the friendliest dog I know, I've never seen it even try to bite anyone and it's always trying to play with you.
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The thing to remember about dogs..........asking if a dog bites is about as stupid as asking if a person hits. Yes, all dogs bite, just as all people will dot your eye, both, if you mess with them too much. Even friendly dogs, even friendly people.

I would assume too that the bear would probably win, but against a Rottie, it wouldn't surprise me for the Rottie to win.
Let's see how they might stack up:

The American Black Bear usually ranges in length from 150 to 180cm (5 to 6ft) and typically stands about 76 to 91 cm (2.5 to 3 feet) at the shoulder. Standing up on its hind feet, a black bear can be up to 7 feet tall.
Males are 33% larger than females.
Females weigh between 40 and 180 kg (90 and 400lbs.); males weigh between 115 and 275 kg (250 and 600 pounds). Adult black bears can reach 300 kg (660 pounds), but exceptionally large males have been recorded from the wild at up to 240 cm (95 inches) long and at least 365 kg (800 pounds). The biggest American black bear ever recorded was a male from North Carolina that weighed 881 lbs (400 kilograms).

The Rottweiler , according to FCI standard, stands 61 to 68 cm (24-27 inches) at the withers for males, and 56 to 62.5 cm (22-25 inches) for females. Average weight is 50 kg (110 pounds) for males and 42 kg (93 pounds) for females.

I suppose that if you pitted a young, small female Black Bear against a large male Rotty I suppose the dog might have a shot. Otherwise, my money's on the bear every time.
The dog has killed anything that goes near it... I'd be afraid to go running near that house else I'd end up with a large dog trying to kill me...
Rottweilers seem to get a lot of bad press. If they were a government agency, they would have had all their funding pulled a long time ago.
Rottweiler.......God....I nearly got attacked by rottweiler when I was running or jogging on the redneck neighborhood streets. I froze and stood on the street and the dog stood, too, and growled at me until a stupid :cen: called a dog to get in.
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