Post your hilarious, scary, or just downright weird things

the only one i have is when some kid wore his charlie shoes with his cammies because he couldnt find his combat boots. :shock:
I was practicing with my squadron's hockey team for an upcoming tournament against some sea and army cadet corps. We share the base with an army and sea cadet corps, and we were practicing on the night that the army cadets were parading. There was a squad marching past where we were playing, and the sergeant in command of the squad kept telling them to be quiet and not look around (worst drill and discipline i've ever seen in my life, I'm so thankful for my squadron), Anyways, finally the sergeant said "If you look talk one more time..I....I just don't know what I'll do!" What a numpty.
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one practic a privet had to thak over. :lol:

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On friday night one of the staff members kept rolling around so we dragged him like 50 ft away. Now this was outside with the temp. around 20 or so degrees. He would roll around some more try and walk and fall down. Soon after he got really close, and one of the flight staff tackled him and they both went airborne for a few secs. After a few hours of laughing our heads off, and coning in one of the senior members cars we finally slept for around 3 hrs. Then we woke up to frosted everything. Surprise surprise.
I'm not at liberty to talk about the stupid stuff staff does.

However, the in flight cadets I may talk about freely! lol. I had a cadet at a Basic Cadet school bring with him a pink luffa sponge. If you dont know what those are they are the foamy fluffy sponges that are roundish....So Im walking down the barracks where the males sleep and I notice this pink thing. So I go over there, pick it up, and realize what it is. So I asked the cadet what the heck hes doing with a pink luffa sponge. He just yells back "I like the way it feels, 1st Sgt!" then I asked whos it was "It's my mommys, 1st Sgt!"

Uh....yeah, for some reason a big 16 year old cadet who has a pink luffa sponge and still says mommy is kinda weird.
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Uh....yeah, for some reason a big 16 year old cadet who has a pink luffa sponge and still says mommy is kinda weird.

that is a little strange :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yes it is. It gets worse when I find a pair or dirty red boxers that say "love" all over them in the male shower room during an inspection. It only makes me wonder whos that are!