Pakistan captures high-level al Qaeda operative


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Do the Pakistani soldiers get to split the reward money?

I wonder if the US should allow it. Considering there are elements within the Saudi and Pakistani forces sympathetic to al Qaeda, it might be a good idea. If they are in the Pakistani or Saudi military or intelligence services, but are ineligible for the cash, they may continue their support for al Qaeda. If, however, we allow the Pakistanis or Saudis to share in the cash, it may help to weaken the bond.

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That isn't what I meant.

I believe our troops cannot share in the reward money. I wonder if the Pakistani forces are under a similar rule.
If you refuse to let active soldiers get the reward money and leave it open to everyone else your just going to get lots of bounty hunters etc. which i doubt is what the US wants as they probably want to be seen getting the al-qaeda men! I agree with SHERMAN that it would be very strange if they didnt!