N. Korea Says It Produced 30 Kilograms Of Plutonium, Japanese Daily Reports

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Washington Post
April 21, 2008
Pg. 11
By Reuters
TOKYO, April 21 - North Korea told the United States in December it has produced a total of around 30 kilograms of plutonium, about 20 kilograms less than what the United States estimates, a Japanese newspaper reported on Monday.
The daily Tokyo Shimbun reported that North Korea's chief envoy to the talks, Kim Kye-Gwan, told his U.S. counterpart, Christopher R. Hill, that his country had used about 18 kilograms of its plutonium stockpile for nuclear development and around 6 kilograms for itsunderground nuclear test in October 2006.
The newspaper, citing a source involved in the six-way talks on North Korea's nuclear program for the report, did not elaborate on what the remaining 6 kilograms were used for.
The United States estimates that North Korea has produced more than 50 kilograms of plutonium and has demanded Pyongyang submit a "complete and correct" declaration of its past and present nuclear activities.
Japan and South Korea joined in that demand Monday after Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak met in Tokyo. "On the nuclear issue, we confirmed the need for North Korea to swiftly make a correct and full declaration," Fukuda said at a joint news conference.
North Korea has said it has accounted for its past and current activities as required. But the United States says that the North has not discussed any transfer of nuclear technology to other countries, notably Syria, nor has it accounted for its suspected pursuit of uranium enrichment.
Uranium enrichment could provide North Korea with a second way to produce fissile material for nuclear weapons, in addition to the its plutonum-based programme.
Under the second phase of the six-party deal, once North Korea has produced its nuclear declaration, the United States is expected to relieve it of sanctions under the U.S. state sponsors of terrorism list and Trading With the Enemy Act.
In the third phase, North Korea is expected to dismantle its nuclear facilities at Yongbyon and abandon all nuclear weapons in exchange for further economic and diplomatic benefits.