Mother cuts off the arms of her baby


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PLANO, Texas (AP) -- An infant died Monday after her mother
called 911 to report that she had cut off the baby's arms, police

When authorities arrived, they found the baby with her arms
severed and the mother waiting calmly with blood on her clothing,
police said. The baby died at a hospital...developing story.
What the :cen: ?? Its just the fact its a baby, dont know how people can do that to something so innocent and defenseless.
texasrebel211 said:
PrincessRed said:
I am now official scared of Texas women.
you shouldn't be, texas has some of thep prettiest ladies 8)

Sorry, pretty ladies don't do it for me. I much prefer men.....since I am a female. ^_^

So you're saying you could deal with the senseless violence of Texas women as long as they are pretty? ;)

More Violent Texas women:

Makes you think huh? Just kidding all you Texans out there!