Military laws and regulations


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I've been thinking about how we regulate the armed forces in different countries and like to have your views on it.

In Sweden the military is a part of society and we really don't have our own police when it comes to peacetime matters. If a soldiers steal is the ordinary police that takes care of it and so on.

How about in your countries how does it functions there? I know some about the USA but do you think it's a good system there the military isn't a part of the ordinary society?

I know that in times of war things a regulated in other ways but now I am talking about peacetime or what we call it.
Here is how things work in the US military. In the military, there is the UCMJ (uniform code of military justice). All soldiers must abide by the UCMJ. CLICK ON THIS for information on the UCMJ.

Then all soldiers must abide by the laws of the state that they reside in. At Ft. Campbell, soldiers must follow the state laws of Kentucky and Tennessee since the post borders 2 states. The soldier must follow the stricter of the two state laws on any one subject.

Any offence on post is taken care of by the military. Any offence off post is normally taken care of by the civilian authorities, but the military can also punish a soldier for off base offences. DUI's and OUI's are a perfect example of this. The civilian authorities will take away a soldiers licence and fine him. Then the military has the option of demoting the solder and take away a month's pay.