Iraqis Arrest Four in Berg Beheading


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Iraqis Arrest Four in Berg Beheading
(AP) - Four people have been detained in the killing of American Nicholas Berg, whose decapitation was captured on videotape, an Iraqi security official and a U.S. military official said Friday. The Iraqi official said the group that killed Berg was led by a relative of Saddam Hussein. The suspects were former members of Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen paramilitary organization, the Iraqi security official said on condition of anonymity. Iraqi police arrested them on May 14 in a house in Salaheddin province, north of Baghdad. The province includes Tikrit, Saddam's hometown.
I just hope its not one of those "round up the usual suspects" things. Seems to me they are missing one. Guess the other four might spill his location.

I wonder: if they get a Muslim trial: will they behead them? Or does Iraq have islamic Law that applys in this case?

Any answer out there? :?