Important Signature info, Read NOW!


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Staff member
I have added a new mod, to help mew administrating the signature rules.

All of you MUST go to your profile, located under "Forum menu" and save your profile information again.
(just push the "submit" button at the bottom of the profile page)

Signature Rules:
Max Lenght: 250 characters
Max lines: 5
Max nr of characters without space: 100
Text size: 7 to 12
Allowed bbCode: Bold (b), Italic (i), Underline (u), Font colors (color)
(Replace ( and ) with [ and ] )
URL's and Images allowed.
Max Images: 1
Max image dimensions: 75x500 pixels
Max image size: 10kb

I'm trying to add some extra options in the PX where you can buy extra signature lenght, privilegie to have images in your signature etc...

Post in the Suggestions forum if you have any more suggestions.