I am the new "Member Map"


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I am the new member map and damn if I ain't sparsely populated.
Or perhaps you're all wearing camou so I can't see you??
Or just maybe no one has noticed the little tab up on that blue-grey bar above this here post... its wedged between Member List and Calendar... yes, that's it, that's the one. Make it happen.
I insert my info but it is not shown on the map... Is there a problem with the Opera browser on this map?
Jäger said:
I'm in :thumb:

and sunb! I can see you

Okay thanks for the feedback. I can see myself now - had to delete the cookies.
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Dammit, I live in a Low Resolution Pic Area :bang:

Oh well, I followed the railway, Its one block west of me so, thats pretty much the area of my street.
I inserted my info but it is not shown on the page. I can see it on Firefox but not on IE!
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Missileer said:
Yep! Just let those freakin' Joneses keep up with this baby.:lol:

I would like to take this opportunity to forward a motion for the 1st Annual Milforum Barbecue and Pool Party to be held at the home of one Miss Il Eer.
All those in favour say aye?!
No I believe Miss Il Eer has decided to provide all food and refreshments free of charge.
aye! sweet, free food! is he paying for travel expenses too?

whispering death, you live in wacky waco?!
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Shhhh, ROTC boy he's a Branch Davidian, just don't mention the letters "F" "B" "I"... oh crap I said that outloud didn't I??

FYI There are still only 26...27, 28, 29, 30 members on the map so far.
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