Humvee's Killing Our Troops

Errr, why is it exactly the M113 is the god of urban combat? Seems like this is just someone's factless opinion.

Oh, and that anti-kerry part is random to the point of humor.
In the gulf war, Hum Vee's are what kept the U.S> troops alive. They sent out 100 of them, and ALL of them came back in working order. They are a great piece of machinery.
Iraq, Humvee Killing Field

The Humvee in any context is not the answer for our Troopers. The fact is the 113ACAV is likely the God of war. Am I bias, maybe? Look at your history. Having fought in ACAV's my argument has validity. To get informed refer to one of many web sites. I know from Nam it's hard to be critical, and step out of the box, when our Soldiers are dying in inferior equipment. It took DOD 10 years to bring the right equipment on after 1965. You want to be supportive of out troops, which goes without saying.

As for combat, I feel qualified to comment, having also been evac'd from the Pit. I speak out of experience regarding Track vs Wheel.

With all due respect some are just plain wrong on this subject. Tomorrow is a new day, learn!
I can agree with you with a couple of cavats, I started a similar thread a few months ago....

First, I am not a fan of any APC or IFV in a urban area, but with upgrades, somewhat like the ACAV, it would make better sense to use them for patrol. My concern would be the light roof and under belly. I can think of a couple of ways to knock one out that would not be much different than knocking out a Hummer.

Second, even the LAV would give the troops better protection than a Hummer, wheeled or not. So, I am not stuck with a track vs. wheel issue.

The M113 mod that is sold to as an export with the 30mm cannon in a turrent would be a good option too..
Stryer/Lav 25/Bradley/ or Bradley

Having been a Bradley Scout for years I can tell you that having an electronic turret won't cut it close quarter combat. The ACAV is much more suited for close in stuff, from my experience. Close in, the vehicle has to turn around in it's own skin in order to survive. The only vehicle capable of doing that is a Tracked vehicle.

The only vehicle in the us inventory that can meet the requirement in my opinion is the ACAV. It's not invincible but it can take a hit. I track ran over a mine in RVN, 82mm round, would have blown of a track or buggered up a final drive but we would have survived.

On the other hand my LT ran over a estimated 500 pounder only the driver survived. No vehicle is completely invinsible. The point is it takes a lot of demo to do it in, vs. a Humvee. This business is of light Brigades comes from a false premiss. take a look

Humvee, Strykers, Lav 25, Bradley's, M1, won't cut it on a narrow street. At least that's my opinion having had a CAV troop, as a 1SG, M1's and Bradleys, not to many year ago. The first three can't turn, and the second two are to bulky, with a electronic turret to slew. Same same with the Stryker.

Food for thought, I appreciate your response. My goal is to get the troops out of the Humvee. Pass the word.