classic names for warbirds

Mark Conley

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How about those old nicknames for know, those aluminum constructs that go up and hopefully come down in one piece. these are a few of my favorites:

C-5 Galaxy "Fat Albert" "Aluminum Overcast"

C-141 Starlifter 'the T-Tailed Mountain Magnet"

C-124 Globemaster "Old Shakey"

C-47 "Dumbo" "Sky Train" "Spooky (AC-47 gatlin gun equipped variant)"

for more neat names go to the following website
I'll add a few more:

F3F Brewster Buffalo -"Flying Sake Bottle". A name given to it by Japanese Pilots due to its slow speed, sluggishness and highly fragile nature.

F-4U Corsair "The Ensign Eliminator" due to the difficult flying the aircraft and the high number of crashes amongst inexperienced pilots.