Best/Favorite wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Best/Favorite IFV

  • BTR-80 Wheeled AFV

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  • Fuchs 2 wheeled AFV

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  • Pandur wheeled AFV

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  • LAV/Piranha/Stryker wheeled AFV

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  • VAB wheeled AFV

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Stryker has incredible mobility, has a decent troop capacity and it's highly modifiable into multiple roles. So it gets my vote.
With run flat tyres and such wheeled AFvs are more popular than ever, more wheeled vehicles have been designed then tracked recently, and wheeled vehicles are almost as mobile as tracked are now.
Stryker has my vote, I have been watching them in action for awhile now. What a great machine, wish there was more fire power available without exposing bodies though.
I had been reading a bit on the BTR-80 before the post and i made a mistake putting 80 instead of 90, Shame i cant edit it know, nvermind.
Hey Redneck/Sherman could you lock this and i start a new poll?
Snauhi said:
EuroSpike said:
"Yeah i like the Patria SISUs"

Patria PASIs (PANSSARISISU) are legendary, specially XA185 serie 8)

but its almost a copy of russian BTR

No it is not. It is a copy of german Fuchs and they look like almost same, or Fuchs is a copy of PASI.

BTR and PASIs are based on different technology and engineering.


Fuchs TPZ