At least 19 killed in Iraqi violence, more sectarian death squad victims

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Media: The Associated Press
Date: 02 October 2006

BAGHDAD, Iraq_At least 19 people were killed Monday in attacks in Iraq,
while authorities found more mutilated bodies in and around Baghdad _ likely
victims of the sectarian death squads _ and 14 people were kidnapped in the

The headless bodies of seven people were turned in to the Kut morgue, morgue
spokesman Hadi al-Itabi said. The bodies were found Sunday in Suwayrah, 40
kilometers (25 miles) south of Baghdad.

And in eastern Baghdad, the bodies of two more people were found, police
said. They had been shot, their arms and legs bound, and showed signs of

Already in the 24-hour period into Monday morning, a total of 50 bodies, all
shot and some with signs of torture, had been found in the capital, said
police 1st Lt. Thair Mahmoud.

Midday, gunmen kidnapped 14 workers from computer shops in front of
Baghdad's Technical University, the second mass kidnapping in as many days
in the capital.

Seven cars carrying armed men broke into the shops and seized the employees,
Mahmoud said.

On Sunday evening, 26 workers at a food factory in Baghdad were seized.
Similar mass kidnappings in the past have been blamed on either Sunni
extremists or Shiite death squads, who sort the captives by their sect and
kill their targets.

Seven bodies found late Sunday in the predominantly Sunni neighborhood of
Dora were identified Monday as people who had been abducted in the raid on
the food factory, police Lt. Maitham Abdul Razzaq said.

In comments on CNN's "Late Edition" Sunday, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay
Khalilzad said al-Qaida-linked militants had been weakened in recent months
and that "a main part of the violence now is sectarian violence ... between
death squads associated with militias."

He said the Iraqi government "in the course of the next two months, has to
make progress in terms of containing sectarian violence."

Four people were killed and 13 wounded in a roadside bombing in Baghdad's
downtown Al-Nasir Square around midday, police said.

A bomb hidden in a trash bag exploded in a western area of Baghdad in the
afternoon, killing two children, police said.

In Baghdad's Sunni southwestern suburb of Suwaib, one civilian was killed
and 20 others injured when their area was showered by ten mortar rounds,
police said.

Elsewhere, a police patrol was ambushed in southern Iraq by gunmen who
killed two officers and injured three. The ambush came in the al-Hay area,
some 220 kilometers (140 miles) south of Baghdad, said police Lt. Mohammed

An Iraqi army officer was killed and two were injured in the western Baghdad
neighborhood of Yarmouk when a roadside bomb exploded next to their patrol,
police said.

Another roadside bomb in northeastern Baghdad injured three civilians, while
a later bomb blast in the capital killed one policemen and one civilian,
while wounding 7 people.

In an afternoon attack in downtown Baghdad, one Education Ministry guard was
killed and three others were injured after gunmen opened fire on the car
they were in, said police Lt. Ahmed Mohammed Ali.

In Basra, 550 kilometers (340 miles) southeast of Baghdad, Capt. Nabil Kamil
al-Tamimi, director for Iraqi military intelligence in the area, was shot
and killed as he was leaving his home, Police Capt. Mushtaq Talib said.

In central Baghdad, two young men were found suffering from multiple gunshot
wounds and died on arrival at the hospital, police said.

One civilian died in a drive-by shooting in an area south of Hillah, about
95 kilometers (60 miles) south of Baghdad, police said.

Early in the afternoon, a policeman in Mosul was killed by three
unidentified gunmen in a drive-by shooting, police said.

Also in the north, in the city of Kirkuk assailants opened fire on a police
vehicle, killing a policeman and wounding another, police said.

Late Sunday, insurgents fired mortar rounds at British targets at the Shat
Al-Arab hotel in Basra, police said. One landed on a nearby home, killing a
7-year-old boy and his 3-year-old sister and wounding a third child. There
were no reports of British casualties.

One British soldier was killed and another injured in the attack, said
British military spokesman Maj. Charlie Burbridge.