Zulu ???????????????

May 11th, 2004  
Italian Guy

Topic: Zulu ???????????????

Hey Northamericans I would like to know what ZULU means. I'm not talking about those African people: tv series JAG's been aired for some yrs here in Italy and that's been pretty successful. Times sometimes pop up on the screen and thats like: 2000 Zulu, or 1845 Zulu... What the heck is Zulu there? My Californian homie serving the Navy wasn't able to tell me.
May 11th, 2004  
Hm, your question may be a bit misplaced, this is ment for site and forum related questions..

But since I'm such a nice guy, I'll give you an answer..

As you may know, the world is divided into time zones.
"Zulu time" is also known as Greenwich Mean Time "GMT". (Or "Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)" as it is called today)
A(lpha) time would then be GMT+1 hour, B(ravo) GMT+2 hours etc..
Most (international) military operations are run in Zulu time, to help prevent a time chaos due to the time difference.

Here's some more help from good old google again:
May 12th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Thank you RedLeg- and I'll be posting this type of questions somewhere else next time.