Zeljko Raznatovic "Arkan"

April 6th, 2005  

Topic: Zeljko Raznatovic "Arkan"

Better to live one day as a lion, than hundred years as worm.

I never hated Croats, I just shot at them.

I was first for democracy after communism fell, but America must know that democracy is not imposed with bombs.

As a proud Serb I would be more glad if those people bravely died in battlefield and that we can remember them as heroes which defended territories instead as disgracefully escaped wretched refugees.

We are tigers and we certainly shall not allow that Serbian people be taken to slaughterhouse again. If they don't comprehend that, we do not left anything else than to march on Zagreb and completely military defeat them

Security doesn't exist even here because our enemies draw in, among us

Here doesn't exist line of front, this is hellish war

Did I ever said I was a good boy in my childhood or that I finished high school with success, no I was a mischievous little devil

They don't have to rape anybody. Serbian women adore my 'tigers'.

We are in sanctions and isolation. Reason: we lost a media war.

As a warrior I am sending a message to Croats and their former masters Nazi Germany and all Catholic mafia who make us this problems: keep yourselves from a Serb Volunteer Guard and Serbian people.

I am fighting against Islam, dangerous disease which is spreading rapidly in Europe.

Muslims in Bosnia have gone mad like vampires, and they don't want to realize that they are Serb martyrs who out of great misfortune turkized themselves.

We can defeat everyone, even the whole world.

They slaughtered my soldiers, what did you expect from me to do to set free those prisoners?

If somebody wants to kill me he will do it no matter what stands on his way

We shall manure Kosovo soil with terrorists.

I attacked in wedge of enemy like Caesar... When we finish with foreign enemies, we shall turn to Serbian traitors. We shall not kill or pursue them, we are going to whip them fifty times by buttocks to set them straight.

I am not afraid of anyone and anything.

To threat me with murder, I risked my life thousand times, I got threats from everyone, it is silly, simply those things doesn't touch me at all.

If you would have followed my entire life story way I do, you would see I am man of my own not a pion so I am not someone's man.

Brothers Serbs, what a cattle you are!
April 9th, 2005  
Not a very nice guy...
April 9th, 2005  
I guess it depends on who you are alot of Serbs I've met seen him as a Hero
April 9th, 2005  
Charge 7
Quite a few Germans at one time thought Hitler was a "hero" too.
April 18th, 2005  
Did you put the quotes on the site?
May 8th, 2005  
I went to high school (American Community Schools of Athens) with Arkan's son (Nikola).

There was a lot of trash at that school. I'm thinking of one person in particular, to be truthful though, I can't remember if it was him. Let me add though, that there were a lot of children of Yugoslavian war criminals in exile in that school.