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November 8th, 2009  
Originally Posted by danko
the reason some people called yugoslavia a socialist paradise was because they didnt work at all, were placed into a job that they couldnt be fired from so they didnt even show up most days

when it was obvious the soviets were fading, the west cut of aid and everyone in yugoslavia was left wondering were all the money went, then they all blamed each other

Mr tito was a hedonist who squandered all the money that was given to him on yachts, feeding workers who in reality were unproductive and the rest was spent on the military and ridiculously unreasonable projects such as this one. no capital was invested in the real economy and thus you end up with things like the "Yugo Automobile". this plane is not a measure of the successes of the yugoslav nation, instead it represents everything that was wrong with it.
Actually the reason it was called a Socialist Paradise is because of the good quality of life there. My mothers boyfriend earned around 6000 deutschemarks a month when he worked as a taxi driver over there, and he wasnt the only one that got that much for such a simple job. If you were willing to work, then life was good. The only people who had a problem were some of the villagers/Farmers like my mothers family, but even they were happy then.

When Tito was in power, roads and highways were made, new railways were made, factories, bridges, schools, hospitals, universities and the like. Now its all crumbling thanks to the nationalist wars in the early 90's and when NATO bombed the crap out of everything in 99. There is an old saying that goes "What Tito and the people made in the old days cannot be remade, but only repainted". Everybody in Yugoslavia worked, and the majority of people were very happy.

I dont see how the project was unreasonable, it was within the grasp of Yugoslavia and the only reason it failed was because of idiot nationalists who decided to ruin over 40 years of hard work put into a once great nation.
July 21st, 2013  
Stupid American [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfJiNPZ38kY"]"Houston, we have a problem!" (Yugoslavian space program) trailer - YouTube[/ame]