Was was your least favorite duty station?

Was was your least favorite duty station?
January 11th, 2004  

Topic: Was was your least favorite duty station?

Was was your least favorite duty station?
My least favorite would have been Offutt, AFB for a lot of reasons, mostly for the winter weather.
January 23rd, 2004  
Mark Conley

Topic: Least Favorite

my least favorite station...Thule AB Greenland...that is could they have gotten me there! I actually went to Shemya AFB in the Alaskan Alueitians instead!
January 30th, 2004  
Happiness is seeing Ft Bliss Texas in your rear view mirror
Was was your least favorite duty station?
March 8th, 2004  
River's Barracks in Giessen Germany - now closed, thank God. Not a real good place to spend your time, particularly during the Fall (rainy), Winter (cold and snowy) or Spring (rainy again). Summers were good, but we usually went to Grafenwoehr then. The barracks themselves were years overdue for renovation too.

SSG Rubin Rivers was a fine soldier (Medal of Honor Winner from WWII) and a good man, by all accounts, so why anyone would name that place after him still puzzles me to this day.

Fort Sam Houston isn't much of a winner either as I'm not partial to high humidity and lots of B S.
March 9th, 2004  
Fort Riley was absolutely BORING. Dead in the middle of Kansas, surrounded by nothing but yellow grass. In the summer, it was HOT enough to shut down work a few times, in the winter, it was so cold, they shut down training more than once.

Really a very horrible, very BORING place. Worst 18 months of my life.
March 10th, 2004  
Moron AB, Spain. Gosh the trip to Seville were neat but fighting the mice for food in the chow how or trying to find something other than spam at the nex for the grill was a true nightmare. On the brighter side of life, there were lemon and lime trees outside the conting. dorms which made the tequilla taste much better the cruz campos... been there? you know what I mean. Actually riding the worker bus to town could be quite the circus in itself..
June 5th, 2004  
I'd almost agree with athomeinak, but I'd have to say The Rock...Baumholder, Germany
June 12th, 2004  
the worse duty station anywhere has to be those people that have to work in camp wilson. Where the hell is camp wilson it is inside the base in 29palms CA thats the worse play to be at. anyone in the marines that did CAX in 29palms CA know what im talking about.
June 12th, 2004  
I would have to go with Chqusmc, wilson blows big time
June 12th, 2004  
I agree - Camp Wilson was definately bad (talk about austere operating environment, there was almost nothing there!). However, it was better than the middle of nowhere, which you could see from the north end of the place ......