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March 18th, 2005  
Originally Posted by SwordFish_13

rotc boy i am Assuning that You are on Windows OS's

--Press Start

--Press Run

-- Open the Command Prompt ( by Typing Command or CMD there )

--In the Command Prompt Type ipconfig

Vola what could all these numbers be ...........


--Press Start

--Press Run

--Type winipcfg

That applies to all Mircosoft Operating systems above Windows95. Not unless someone is using Apple or Linux Operating Systems
March 20th, 2005  
Yet another update, PHP is fun..

Fixed a couple of small bugs.
Also made a "light" version of it for WAP/Portable devices that doesn't handle frames very well.

You can find it at
It works on my Sony Ericsson, haven't tested it on anything else yet..
April 4th, 2005  
updated a bit again..

Some minor layout changes, added flags on the IP geotargeting, and optimized/changed the proxy detection code a bit..
May 9th, 2005  
Some more minor updates on

Also updated the IP geotargeting database, so it should be a bit more correct now..

Please visit it to see if it displays the correct info for you.