Who is your favorite war photographer and war photo?

September 20th, 2004  

Topic: Who is your favorite war photographer and war photo?

War is gruesome and captured on film releaves the suffering and violence civilian (and military) personell face on everyday basis perhaps more than through the TV screen images - perhaps more than we all can imagine.

Who is your favourite war photographer and what's your favourite war photography? Not just the act of war, every aspect.

In my opinion Eddie Adams and his photo of police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan who shoots the prisoner in the head in Saigon 1. feb 1968 sticks to my mind as a description on how cruel a war/crisis can be.

Url to the photo : http://www.aftenposten.no/spesial/bi...icle874198.ece
September 20th, 2004  
Airborne Eagle

U.S. soldier carries a sleeping baby during a pre-dawn raid of a house in Tikrit, about 108 miles north of Baghdad. U.S. troops carried out a raid on three farms in Tikrit, the hometown of toppled leader Saddam Hussein, after receiving a tip from an Iraqi informant that the ex-president's new head of security was staying in one of them.
September 21st, 2004  

The American Soldier
(Rick Rescorla Pictured / shot by Peter Arnett)

October 9th, 2004  
silent driller

...Even as we kick their asses...
November 10th, 2004  
Neil Davis, the Australian combat photographer who went to Borneo, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and finally was killed in Thailand, he filmed his own death. He was the person who filmed the NVA Tank smashing through the gates of the presidential palace during the fall of Saigon.