Your Favorite Saying (from a Commander, Supervisor etc..)

Your Favorite Saying (from a Commander, Supervisor etc..)
June 4th, 2004  

Topic: Your Favorite Saying (from a Commander, Supervisor etc..)

Your Favorite Saying (from a Commander, Supervisor etc..)
I had this one flight chief, prior Marine, that would be briefing the flight on the days pass-ons etc. Well right before it was time to start work he would ask if anyone was feeling SICK, LAME, or LAZY..
I don't know why but that has always cracked me up.. [/u][/b]
June 4th, 2004  
well, my grandfather was in the british army during WWII and later became a LTC in the IDF, and anything he says is my favorit. He uses such classics as:

"Whats diffecult we will do now, the impossible we can keep for later on"-common respons to the clame that somthing is diffecult.

"When I was staioned in malta"/"When I was in the western desert"- Always the bugining of a good story.

"In hungary"-Also the bugining of a good tale.

"Im not hungry, but I could eat"/"Im not tired, but I could sleep"-Nothing is urgent, always calm and polite.
June 4th, 2004  
"Why are you such a goofy cadet?" - Drill Sergeant B. (everything we did was "goofy," but he had a way of saying it that even a word like goofy sounded scary )

"A small is basically the same as a medium, and we're all out of larges." -our civilian supply guy issuing me my PTs (yes, I look like a French byciclist in the mornings) Not exactly a saying, but it did turn me into a running (literally ) joke.

"Listen up listen up listen up listen up listen up, alright, listen up listen up........."- our supply sergeant uses this to open for anything important he has to say, and it can go on for several minutes, no lie. I believe it lasted for upwards of three minutes after he caught one female cadet who had taken a wire brush to the bolt carrier assembly of the borrowed M4A1 she had been cleaning and somehow removed every speck of bluing. Now THAT is dedication.
Your Favorite Saying (from a Commander, Supervisor etc..)
June 4th, 2004  
Yes, well, thats just a bit toomuch!!!!

SORRY, I should have known better.....
June 4th, 2004  
"Keep your head up. I'm not going to march you off a cliff" - C/WOI (ret'd) Daniel Graham, Former Sqn. Com., 154 RCAirCS.
June 9th, 2004  
While watching a rock drill our ex brigade commander makes sure his young officers know their P's and Q's.

LT: Were going to link up with the MP's for a crossing to MSR Cheyenne here...then um...were going to get fuel at the um...point in here by the um (shuffles through paperwork) I believe the Trans guys. Then um..."

COL: Yea son well thats all fine and dandy...but hows my people gonna get sh** paper?

LT: (blank stare for a sec) um...I'll get back with you on that sir.

"COL" was the type of leader you'd follow to hell because you knew he had a plan to get back.
June 9th, 2004  
'Sappers doesn't believe in God. We believe in Murphy's laws, instead.', from a First Sergeant in the Engineers Academy

'You have the memory of a fish! Three seconds and you've forgotten everything I said!", from a Sergeant in the Engineers Academy.
August 28th, 2004  
This is me sorting out a cadet for not pressing his dress shirt:

Me: "Cadet, why did you not iron your dress shirt, you've been in for about a year now, you should know this by now."

Cadet: "Well Fsgt, you can't see the dress shirt under the tunic"

Me: "Well, you wipe your a** and you can't see that under your pants right?"

That's some grade A sorting right there.
September 21st, 2004  
Supposedly this is one of my friend's favorite sayings. he's a MP in Iraq right now.

" Tyler you're sucking the life out of me man" supposedly he says this a few times a shift to certain people.

or at least until you inform him that, that doesn't help to motivate you.
September 21st, 2004  
"Cho peoples es de sorryestas cuses for Marines. I eber p*ckin seed." Plt Sgt. 1985

That's a godd**n M60 machinegun Sh*thead. 4 TO 6 round bursts! Ain't ya ever seen a 60? What are you a freakin WM?
Machine Gun section leader to a boot gunner.

"Ain't nobody said ya had to like it. I just said ya had to do it. Whistle d*ck."
Company Gunny sending a salty Lcpl (me) to mess duty.

"My Names Gunny and I'm a BAAAAAAAD Mutha "
Wpns Company Gunny 2/1 who also said.
"HeavyGuns! HeavyGuns! Where are them da*n non hackers from Heavy Guns!" everyday for six months on Westpac.