Your Family Military History? - Page 4

June 23rd, 2005  
My father and mother were both active duty Air Force. (My dad's reserve now, but mom quit after she had me and my brother.) My brother just enlisted in the Air Force also, as I plan to do also. (In a couple years that is)
June 23rd, 2005  
wow my family military history is small, my twin bro is in the Army and i plan on joining the mil but as for my family that is it
September 29th, 2005  
Ancestors - jacobites for Bonnie Prince Charlie
Great-granddad - Royal Army RIP
Grand-dad - Royal Navy (WWI) RIP
Dad - Royal Navy (WWII) RIP
eldest brother - Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) ret.
older brother - Australian Army (artillery) ret.
Me - chaplain RANR and Australian Regular army
nephew - Army Reserves
niece - Army reserves
grand-nephew - Army cadets
September 29th, 2005  
I'm not sure of much past grandparents, though I know I had a number of great-somethings in WWI & WWII, and a couple chased Poncho Villa down south.

Dad's Dad: US Army, WWI in Europe
Dad: US Army, one tour Korea, one tour Vietnam, KSARNG
Mother's brother: US Navy, retired
Mother's brother: KSARNG
Cousin: US Navy, Meditteranean
Nephew: 82nd, Afghanistan
Me: US Army, Europe, KSARNG
September 29th, 2005  
my dad is a retired Colonel of the Iranian Air Force.

He is a former expert on Airborne missiles and weapon systems.

I also served in Military.
September 29th, 2005  
My grandpa was in the airforce for a while. He almost went to fight in Vietnam, but they didn't send him. He's retired now. That's all the family history I know about that has to do with military. After I get out of college though, I am going to either join the Marines or the Army so that will add some military history to my family. I can't wait. 8)
September 29th, 2005  
Granddad(Fathers side)-Army
Granddad(Moms side)- Navy
3 uncles(moms side) Navy, 1 still active duty
Aunt(Fathers side) Army
Cousin- Army
Cousin- Marines
October 1st, 2005  
Well, to be honest I don't know specifically who was in what war or what branch.

For sure I know that:

Great-grandfather - WWII (Army)
Uncle - Vietnam (Army)
Cousin - Current (Army, God bless him!)
Some great ancestor was in some war in Spain or something ( I have a famous last name that any Spanish historian would know!)

Other members of my family have been in the Marines and Army, but I don't know if they ever went to war.