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March 17th, 2005  
Well let's start with ww2 before that I don't know to much of my familiys military history:

Grandfather: Staff Sergeant, sniper/groupleader served in the Finnish Infantry 1939-1945

Dad: Sergeant, field artillery in the Finnish Army 1962-63

Brother 1: LanceCorporal, Machinegunner in the Finnish Marines 1993/94

Brother 2: Private, Rifleman Finnish Marines 1993/96

Me: Private, Rifleman Finnish Marines 2004/05

I'd say my familiy has done it's fair share for this country...
March 17th, 2005  
Dang, 03USMC, that's pretty impressive right there.

About the Johnny Rebs, I still have some folks down in Missourri who I'm pretty sure are convinced their great great great granddaddies never lost that one.
March 17th, 2005  
Charge 7
I hear ya Redneck. Many Scots in my line have said the same about England. Heck, my first name came from one of Scotland's greatest kings. Nope, not Robert and not Bruce (sorry Aussies ).
March 19th, 2005  
Well on my Dad's side

G Grandfather: Driver 5th Aus Mach Gun Btn, Wounded March 1918, Recived the MM (His records and the nominal role state he did, but his citation and medals were lost in an "incident" with my G Grandmother, and his mistress)

Grandfather: Engineer 2 Forestry Company, New Guinea Jan 45 -Aug 46. Remained in the Army until 1950.

Step Grandfather: Machine Gunner 5th Aus Mach Gun Btn (Oddly enough) Torres Straight. Whoever said Australia never came close to Invasion never met Pop.

Dad: Called up for National Service in 1972, but was cancelled before he had to report to Holsworthy.

Dad's Cousins: 2 in Vietnam (both Nasho's)

Distant relo's: An Uncle captured at the Somme in WWI, and at Crete WWII (Lucky him). His son was captured in North Africa.
Another Uncle was in the 8th Division at Singapore, returned frightingly thin.
Dad's Cosuin's Husband was in Vietnam and Rwanda, recieved CSC. Retired at rank of Brigadier.

On my mum's side we don't know much, My Grandpa didn't tell us very much, and Grandma thinks ANZAC is a Celebration of War, so she dosen't care, Me and dad try to reason with her, but she is stubborn. All we know is 5 people from my mums side went to WWI, of the three that went to Gallipoli, One returned.
March 19th, 2005  
From what I've been told:

Mother's Side:

1 Grandfather: Colonel, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (also the man directly responsible for acquiring the Canadian Forces Leopard C1 Tanks)
1 Aunt: Captain, Air Force. Works at NDHQ in Ottawa
1 Uncle: Major (ret'd), Air Force, Worked at NDHQ in Ottawa, now works at Defence R&D

Father's Side:

1 Grandfather: Corporal, Royal Canadian Air Force. Aircraft Technician.
March 22nd, 2005  
bush musketeer
on mums side

boer war-uncle 4th imperial contingent

ww1-ggg uncles alex 8th light horse

ernest 13 LH
bill 1st batt AIF KIA
james 13 batt AIF KIA
john 31st batt AIF died from gas posioning years later
morris 7th Batt AIF
robert 31st batt AIF 2nd liu

ggg grandfather alex 1st and 13 batts gallipoli and france, alexs only son was shot down over newguinea in the 2nd ww.

ww2 walter middle east driving supply trucks untill he hit a land mine but survived.

dads side
boer war 1st australian horse

ww1 bert 1st LH
sam 1st feild engineers in france
eric 8th Batt gallipoli KIA

2ww grandfather and four brothers all served
doug 39th batt
john 8th div
wal 2/6 cav commandoes
bruce 60th batt

two cousins killed in death marches at in the sandakan area
one cousin killed in germany with airforce in the pathfinders.
June 13th, 2005  
I dont know too many specifics and all the way back but i do know all the men in my family were in the service and a few of the women. going back to when they lived in scottland and the ones here in the civil war. heres what i do know.....

Marine Corp - 1 great grandpa, my Dad was a sergent in Vietnam, and my bro is active duty right now. Navy- 4 uncles were in the navy, 2 grandmas were navy nurses, 1 grandpa was in the US navy and 1 grandpa the canadian navy. Airforce- 2 uncles were airforce in the 80s and and 2 cousins are in right now. Army- 2 uncles 1 in vietnam and 1 in the 90s until now, and 1 great grandpa. then theres all the other great unlces, cousins and what not that i dont have specifics on. i know a few more are marine corp, and some more airforce. were definatly a military raised family

4ever Proud-JHC-My Bro.My Hero.
June 13th, 2005  
My Grandfather was serving under the German Regular Army as a field medic spending most of his time in the Western Front during World War II. He didn't spoke much about it so I don't know much about his role in the war. It must be quite disturbing.
June 13th, 2005  
My Great Grandfather served in the United States army during the first World War.

One of my Grandfathers was an air force MP who spent time in the Korean and Vietnam wars, he retired after twenty years. His wife was also in the Air Force and that's how they met.

The other Grandfather was drafted into the army for the Korean war. Instead he joined the Marine Corp and was served with a notice to appear in court for draft dodging while in Korea. He didn't have to go to court.

One great-uncle of mine was a sapper during the Second World War. He was wounded badly enough during the D-Day landings to be dumped into a massgrave and later crawl out.

Another great-uncle was killed by a landmine in Vietnam while serving in the Marine Corp.

Two of my uncles served in the marine corp as MPs. Another Uncle was a B-52 crewmen.

My dad is currently an Air Battle Manager in the Air Force.

Eventually if you go back far enough on one side I have a relative who fought in the Battle of New Orleans. Between then and the second World War they were effectively barred from military service in the United States by race.
June 13th, 2005  
My grandfather was in the Army Air Corps during WW2 and my uncle was a in Army in the 80's. Thats about it