July 28th, 2004  

Topic: Yo

Yo i'm Jacob.
-sex i'm male.
-My Job title is Computer Repair
-My Favorite Type of Music is Rock and Metal.
-Favorite Bands Are "Deep Purple" "Blind Guardian" "Iron Madden" "Slayer" "Dimmu Borgir" "At The Gates" and "King Diamond"
-I Play The 5 pice drum set.
-MoralsDon't let my morals affect my juggernaut in extreme situations
-GolesTo be strong, Know all about computers, To know all forms of H2H combat, To be a better shot, and to let Juggernaut come before Reaction.
-Hobbes Are Anime, Computers, Hand to Hand Combat, Marksmanship, Swordsmanship, Cosplay, Pirotecnics, Music, and Motorcycles

-Personal Notes-
-Plan to stay a virgin in till i get married(If I get married at all)
-I have a thing about wepionds (means I like them)
-Plan to go Army (passably a Ranger)
-I think Vlads are cool
-I like to play CS
-Death + Me = It Happens (Have no problem with it and I don't care when it happens to me) I come off as being cold because of this idea.
-Big Metal Gear fan
July 28th, 2004  
Hi! Welcome to the forum, nice to see a rock fan here!
July 28th, 2004  
welcome to the forum (metal gear fan as well) also like rock but mostly country.
July 28th, 2004  
Sup dude, welcome to the boards man.
July 28th, 2004  
Awsome introduction there. And welcome !
July 28th, 2004  
Thanks you guys nice to be here to.
July 28th, 2004  
July 28th, 2004  
Welcome to the forums Otacon.

Good choice of music!
July 28th, 2004  
Welcome to the forum!
August 1st, 2004  
Welcome to the Forums, Otacon. I'm another big Metal Gear fan.