WWII German Street Fighting Doctrine

June 22nd, 2006  
Ollie Garchy

Topic: WWII German Street Fighting Doctrine

WWII German Street Fighting Doctrine

German troops were instructed to move through houses and not to run down streets: "Walls of adjoining houses are blasted, and troops move forward through the houses. Mopping-up parties of infantry follow. (Making such covered approaches facilitates evacuation of wounded and supply of ammunition and rations.)"

Does anyone know if the American military instructs soldiers to move through houses and apartments? Does anyone know whether WWII films have ever depicted this type of behaviour?

June 23rd, 2006  
I think the idea of blasting through the houses rather than going to each one in turn was developed by the Germans while fighting in Stalingrad during WW2. With the number of Russian snipers working there any appearance in open could be fatal.
June 28th, 2006  
Routes of Advance

"Routes of advance for platoons and squads varied. Hallways, stairways, rooftops, and basements were used. Sometimes it was necessary to blow only two or three walls in an entire block of buildings. "It was found best to cross streets near the center of blocks. To make sure that the doors of buildings across the street were open, the locks were shot away or the doors blasted open with bazookas or AT grenades. The street would then be screened with smoke from WP hand grenades so that the men could dash across under cover.

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