WWI Eastern Front Foto- Nachlass eines Soldaten

November 26th, 2005  

Topic: WWI Eastern Front Foto- Nachlass eines Soldaten

WWI Eastern Front Foto- Nachlass eines Soldaten (follow the link)

Private and military archive fotos of a German officer during WWI. A lot of them unpublished yet.

some background information from Cambridge Catalogue, one of the few books describing: War Land on the Eastern Front is a study of a hidden legacy of World War I: the experience of German soldiers on the Eastern front and the long-term effects of their encounter with Eastern Europe. It presents an ‘anatomy of an occupation’, charting the ambitions and realities of the new German military state there. Using hitherto neglected sources from both occupiers and occupied, official documents, propaganda, memoirs, and novels, it reveals how German views of the East changed during total war. New categories for viewing the East took root along with the idea of a German cultural mission in these supposed wastelands. After Germany’s defeat, the Eastern front’s ‘lessons’ were taken up by the Nazis, radicalized, and enacted when German armies returned to the East in World War II. Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius’s persuasive and compelling study fills a yawning gap in the literature of the Great War.