WW2 WW1 Cutters for barbed wire USA

March 17th, 2016  

Topic: WW2 WW1 Cutters for barbed wire USA

Hello . I'm from Ukraine .
I met US scissors for cutting barbed wire. These scissors were kept in the Ukrainian military depot (former Soviet Union), and a few years ago were withdrawn from military registration for recycling. It must be said that the former Soviet warehouses until recently stored what the American property transferred under the Lend Lease in the year World War 2.
I did not find these scissors on the Internet rather found but without the characteristic mustache for moving apart the wire. In my opinion these scissors were made by special order for the Soviet Union, I think so because a mustache for moving apart the wire repeated Russian model. What do you think about this? I apologize for my English.

This is the same scissors, only with a mustache.
March 18th, 2016  
They were made for the USSR by H.K. Porter of Boston (I suspect if you look near the hand grips it will say "BOSTON").
They were a Lend Lease item and probably made about 1942 the difference as you have noted is the "mustache" which is an adaptation of the German wire cutters of the time.
March 29th, 2016  

Topic: WW2 WW1 Cutters for barbed wire USA

Yes of course . Inscription Boston is present. Thanks for the answer .

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