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November 29th, 2004  

Topic: WW2 Medal

i just found a medal in my basement and no one in my family can explain it. None of my grandparents were in the war. All i know, after looking at some sites, is that it has George VI on the back, it is a circle, with a tiger on the front stepping on 2 headed bird with an animal body and what looks to be a rats tail. it has the date 1939-1945 on the front. the ribbon that is with it has 2 red strips on either side, than 2 blue strips, than 2 smaller white with a red in the middle.

if you could help me out, thanks allot.
November 30th, 2004  
want a pic?
November 30th, 2004  
Could this be the Medal? If so, it's the War Medal for WWII. It was awarded to every service man or woman that was in any branch of the service for at least 28 days during WWII.


Seems, I forgot to post the link. Oops.
November 30th, 2004  
You can check out these guys:


They have listed a lot of WW2 medals on their site.
Go to the Army section to find them.

Could you post a pic of it here?
December 29th, 2004  
can be just a person who use too live in your house