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View Poll Results :What would have happened if the USA had not entered the war in 1941
Germany would have beaten the USSR and then Britain 10 38.46%
USSR would have won 4 15.38%
Britain would have won 0 0%
Stalemate - still at war by 1955 5 19.23%
German resources = victory by 1965 2 7.69%
Japan takes control of the East 0 0%
USSR beats Germany - war against GB and Japan 4 15.38%
Germany beats GB then attacks USSR 1 3.85%
War still going on 2004 0 0%
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August 5th, 2013  
Originally Posted by sandy
I think
US>controrled war to sell Resource to german and USSR.
USSR>not win,but not lose.kept their territory and collapsed economy.
Germany>concured EUROPE without Britain and collapsed economy.
China>now under cold civil war between communist and nationalist.
Manchuria empire>survived.
Japan>collapsed economy
Britain>collapsed economy by war and couldn,t keep colony.
Many colony of European>independent.

VICTOR of world>US
Collapsed economy everywhere, like nowdays. Not sure if germany would have been collapsed as easily with a conquered Europe. You need to realise they robbed the countries they invaded of all its resources and only help their own arian people. If there is a crisis in greek or elsewhere that is not a core german terrotory they'll burn it. Also it was a workers empire, all those soldiers would became workers in peaceful times with a powerful industry in additon they got a ton of superior inventors.

Btw, i watched a history movie about Japan and their "colony" Korea in WWII. Korean people hardly could get enough education under japanese rule and couldn't read or write and were robbed of its all resources. Sounds pretty similar to how germans did their stuff.
August 5th, 2013  
Originally Posted by craig
One thing that must be clarrified for the poll is that the USA never entered the war. They were forced into it by Pearl habour. Even then until Germany declared war against the USA on Dec 10 1941 must to the German high commands discust the USA still wasn't going to fight Germany in total war.
The main involvement and the only real telling blow the US and British forces made on the German war machine was the industrial bombing of the reich. The war would have ended regardless of D day or not albeit later. by June 1944 the USSR had Germany on the run by sheer weight of numbers the USSR still would have won. I know that the history books state teh Battle of the Bulge as a great US and Allied victory but the plan was flawed and once the 6 to 10 bridges were blown the offensive was doomed. Did the battle of the Bulge win the war No it was already won it just shortened it.
It is almost impossible to speculate the question seriously
US and Allied bombing was our main contibution to the war effort I believe. By no means am I taking away the outstanding sacrifice made by all allied troops be it US , British, Canadian,Austrailan etc but our roll in the land war was secondary
sure about the air bombing, but:

The war on U.S. was declared, because Japan attacked pearl harbor and declared war on the U.S. with this attack and germany was allied with japan and most impotantly, germany could sink some ships on the U.S. eastcoast in operation paukenschlag with their submarines.

Roosevelt and churchill both wanted war with germany to continue, but some U.S. would have prefered no war and maybe some extreme right wings would even support germany against stalin.

Obviously, germany picked the wrong ally with japan and italy, both did hurt germany instead of beeing any help. And roosevelt died pretty soon in 1945, that proably ends the frienship of u.s. to churchill, too.

Diplomacy wasn't the strong side of germany after bismarck.
August 5th, 2013  
Originally Posted by Romero
What if the Nazis had developed the bomb earlier and had actually nuked New York as was planned, to keep the US out of the war?

And another thing, egoz, it wasn't just England fighting for Britain you know. All the British countries fought.
yeah the english empire was much bigger than just those small isles in northwester europe, if we look at that map.

August 5th, 2013  
Originally Posted by Peterminator
Guten tag
Sprechen sie duchen

I hope I made myself clear
Sprechen sie deutsch not duchen duchen is not a german word.

Still no native german speaker, yet?
August 5th, 2013  
Originally Posted by Springfield
If the USA wouldn't have entered World War 2, I think Germany would have beaten USSR and Great Britain. The USA, USSR, and Great Britain, together were very powerful, but without the USA, I don't think it would be been possible to beat Axis Powers.
Just that italy did hurt germany, without the axis nonsense germany would have done much better in WWII.

Axis with the U.S. under different diplomacy and leaders would have been possible against the USSR. At least it would have made much more sense than an Axis with japan and italy. Duche wars in greece and northern africa were really not needed and just divided important german troops and commanders.

Italy was a the worst ally one can imagine in WW1, cause of its treachery taking sides. Itally continues to be the worst ally in WW2, cause of incompetence. Never ally with Italy. ;>

Its only there for vacations, women and pizza.
August 5th, 2013  
Originally Posted by Armyjaeger
I agree, with no major western front to fight in germany could have concenstrated its recourses mainly to the east, those recourses that would have otherwise been needed in the war against U.S
One other thing too, with no U.S support I don't think the allies could have ever gained total air supremacy which was also a critical factor of defeating germany.
not just the resources.

GB and U.S. wouldn't bomb german weapon factories and supply lines, too. Maybe british RAF and Commandos would cause some trouble but there wouldn't be massive an airbombing on the west front, ruining almost all industry in germany. Of course you cannot win against USSR with that ridiculous amount of help the red army got. Actually when the wehrmach reached moscow the red army was defeated but recovered all too quickly, cause of many reasions, not just lend lease, due to arian philosphy and a scorched earth and holocaust policy most men in russia sided with the red army, that made it much bigger and greater than ever. Its not just the supplies. Maybe you don't know that stalin was VERY unpopular at that time and his red army VERY weak. It lost to finnland and could hardly control its own homeland.(which is kinda big....) actually that german attack on USSR helped Stalin's popularity to get full control over the USSR before the unhappy people got rid of him.
January 19th, 2014  
If united States not entered the war, China must beat Japan, the Soviet Union could defeat Germany, depend on time and interests.Such that Uncle Sam not easy to intervene in the affairs of Aisa and Europe, United States can't paint himself as savior of the world ,no chance propagate him as world policeman.
January 26th, 2014  
the yankee-jap alliance has not escaped us. the yankee is threatened.
January 30th, 2014  
Could America stayed out of the war, Japan would have taken the American Colonies of in the Pacific and would have then turned its gaze on many other places. Germany would have also taken Greenland and the Ireland to close down any approaches from the Atlantic. Japan would have also tried to take India as a part of its far eastern empire. It makes you wonder what would have happened if both Germany and Japan had turned on the US
January 31st, 2014  
With out the US in the War the Russians would have eventually taken all of Europe. The Japanese were winning in China up to the end of the War. They did invade India, but ran out of supplies, with out the US submarine fleet slaughtering their shipping they probably would have had the ability to keep them supplied. Maybe take India, maybe not.