WW2 B-17 pilots joke

WW2 B-17 pilots joke
August 4th, 2009  

Topic: WW2 B-17 pilots joke

WW2 B-17 pilots joke
B-17 going from england to bomb up some german facilities
unfortunetely the bomber shot down , and only one pilot survived.

Gestapo taking him to their base after some questions they decide to call for a doctor and the Doctor says to the Pilot
Larry we have to cut you hand

then he says OK no problem just please tell your pilots that when they will bomb England that they will trow my hand there - germans agree

after a week Doctor decides to cut another Hand : and again he asks for the favor to trow his hand at his base in england - germans agree

after one more week the doctor decides to cut of his leg - and he asks to trow it at his base - Germans agree

after 2 week a Doctor decides to cut the Other leg ,then he asks them for trow it to his base in england => but at this time Germans are not agree
he can't understand Why ?? he asks them again and again

and Germans said "We think you trying to escape from us"
August 5th, 2009  
tee hee, kinda lol
August 5th, 2009  
Very painful......................




reading this joke, that is.
WW2 B-17 pilots joke
September 16th, 2009  

If my memory serves me correctly this joke was mentioned in the movie "Memphis Belle".

I love it when RAscal, the ball turret gunner said it with a nice German accent- ... Nein, this vee kennot do anymore... vee thzink you are trghinng to ezcape..."

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