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December 16th, 2007  

Topic: Hi all

Hi all, its taken me about a week to figure out how this introduction bit works. May seem funny but if you want a better computer, communications system, advanced combat robotics or MBT, I can show you how to do it. But ask me to play around on somebodyís webpage and Iíll be buggered every time. Sorry for the colloquialism, but Iím Australian, 60 years old, love life and my wife and I live in what some people think is a war zone, here in Sri Lanka; the East Coast to be precise; sometimes gets a little interesting, but never feels dangerous.

By trade I'm a boat builder, spent the last 16 years in Australia designing boats for one of the oldest and most successful boat building companies in Australia, Norman R. Wright & Sons. Been in Sri Lanka five years and they still have a photo of me on their webpage, I looked a lot better in those days. Love motorcycles had about 17 of them and still planning to go to America and bye a Buell or BMW and do a little touring.

Currently work for the German government as a consultant to GTZ, a development company that was good enough to offer me a job after the Tsunami. Started out as fisheries advisor and now head one of the four sections of one of GTZ's projects here. Have a wonderful boss who lets me get involved in just about anything I wish and who gives me the freedom to bring about change.

All through my adult life, wherever I've worked, I've brought about change; funny that.

December 16th, 2007  
Welcome to the forums. I moved your other posts to

Main Battle Tanks

where it is more appropriate.
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December 16th, 2007  
Team Infidel
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Topic: Welcome!

Welcome aboard, nero1234.
December 16th, 2007  
Welcome. Hope you like the Forums.
December 17th, 2007  
Welcome aboard.
December 17th, 2007  
Welcome to the forums.
December 17th, 2007  

Topic: Thanks for the move to Main Battle Tanks

First up fellas, thanks you to all for the welcome.

Redleg, thanks for moving me to the Main Battle Tank section.
Clarified/updated rule #6 a bit:
6. If you post something to be considered as fact, you must also state the original source (link preferred).

OK, that is fairly simple. But first a little credibility is probably needed about here. All you diesel mechanics out there listen up. My first patents in hydraulics opened an entirely new field of actuators. Included in this original work, were the very first hydraulically amplified, hydraulically actuted electronically timed and metered diesel unit fuel injectors. All those lovely electro-hydraulic unit diesel injectors that use hydraulic amplification, such as used by Caterpillar, are based on my original work. Don't need to take my word for it, feel free to check the patent record.

Ok, so here we go. The Russian got the original and second generation patents, along with the supporting documentation for their subsequent evaluation.

How this Russian interest came about, was unintentional and somewhat intriguing and you'd be amazed at how high a level the interest was, both within and without Rosvorouzhenie.

Back in the days of the Clinton administration there was a thing called the PNGV. One day whilst viewing the PNGV webpage, I asked what was probably a fairly simple question, it seemed to me so insignificant at the time, I've never been able to remember what the question was; never got an answer anyway. Something interesting, came out of it though. Next thing I knew, I got an email from the Executive Fellow, US Dept of Commerce. We ran a brief email dialogue over a couple of days and then he asked if he could phone me for a chat and when would be convenient for me?

A couple of days later, he phoned me at about 03:00 Eastern standard time in Australia. Dialogue went something like this: how many people do you employ and how big a company are you? I'm a private individual and have no employees. How many prototypes do you have? None, but that doesn't mean others don't have prototypes, (I know some components were made at that time, as I did the drawings for these companies and they told me the components worked as predicted). Hmmm, I'll have to think about this and get back to you. Next day I got an email along the lines of: not a company, no employees, no prototypes, sorry, don't see how I can recomend you to the partners of the PNGV. Seems he'd forgotten I hadn't asked him to, he'd contacted me.

Anyway, the very next day, I get a fax from Rosvorouzhenie saying they'd very much like to consider my work. Now, don't you think the timing was interesting and again, this organisation contacted me, not the other way around. Now what do you think aroused their interest and where did they get the information?

So, as nobody in America seemed to interested in a power plant that would use 30% of the fuel, whilst doing the same amount of useful work, I was quite happy for the Russians to consider it.

This is a needs to know situation and believe me fellas, since the Russians have now withdrawn from the CFE, you really do need to know whats coming.

Given the limitation on characters, I'll do this in installments. If you delimit the posts, and tell me how to do graphics on it, I'll be happy to send you the original documentation and some of the subsequent work as well. If you really get interested and somebody wants to pay for the internet bill, I'll send you the interactive animatins as well.

Think about this, 20 years ago you could've had vehicles in America that aren't hybrids, have no degrade in performance and use less than 30% of the fuel of an equivalent vehicle with a contemporary engine. Thats what it looks very much like the Russians are going to have in their next generation MBTs.

Always keep in mind, I'm quite happy to answer any questions about this technology path and the history of trying to get it into production. Redleg, I have had a read through the rules that I could find and if I do anything you think contravenes them, feel free to edit the text accordingly.

All the best, Nero
December 18th, 2007  
You're quite welcome but I'm not Redleg

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