Writing an army soldier's story - need some help with it.

Writing an army soldier's story - need some help with it.
August 28th, 2018  

Topic: Writing an army soldier's story - need some help with it.

Writing an army soldier's story - need some help with it.
Hi, I am a story writer and I have gotten a new project of writing a book for an army personnel. The story is based on him and his service dog.
I have been able to write quiet a bit but not with specifics concerning the military/army parts. I want to be specific but don't have the right information. It will be of great help if the below questions can be answered :

1) The soldier in my story is a Sergeant First Class of the US army. - How many years of training or how long does it take to reach this designation? I require this information so that I can describe the person in the story.

2) The story says that an army base or camp was setup and had about 20 soldiers in it to cover a specific area - is the word - army base/camp right? Or is there any other terminology I can use? I would like to describe the setup, so that the readers can visualise what the setup was like, how things functioned around there etc. - can you help by describing a general setup?

3) From whatever I have researched so far, I have understood that there are designations above the Sergeant, so I am sure when I mention that a base was setup and it had some soldiers, then the soldiers would be of different ranks - so what all ranks can I mention?

4) In my story, the Sergeant was given a mission to carry out, he was given the information via some intelligence source:
What kind of devices are generally used for conversations? How do they work? (a simple brief on this would do.)
On a general note, what is the designation of the person who passes on the information and to whom is the information generally passed on to?
I want to write out the whole conversation between the information provider and receiver. The information is about a possible attack about to happen via an IED so how would such a conversation take place?

5) What severe injuries can be caused by a suicide bomb attack? Any specifics relating to this will help as I need to mention that the bomb went and off and what all injuries took place due to this. I can research on the cure of the injuries online once I get the details of what all injuries can take place.

Any help will be highly appreciated. I do not want to just write out a story which may not have the right details. Looking forward to all the available help. Thank you to all in advance.

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