Wow, hello military!

August 17th, 2013  

Topic: Wow, hello military!

Am decidedly civilian, though dad served in the Indian Army and one son of mine is a para in the FFL.
Am writing a book which deals in a few pages with the Yom Kippur war, more specifically with the Sayeret, the Saggers, AK 47's, and night vision equipment.
It tries to describe the paras who used captured equipment, to take out communication centers and other targets behind the Egyptian 2nd and 3rd, just before tank squadrons began breaking through.
Got stuck, due lack of knowledge on soviet night vision equip in the 70's and while searching for info, stumbled on this site. Looks very interesting!
August 17th, 2013  
Cne C
Welcome aboard
August 18th, 2013  
Welcome aboard.
August 18th, 2013  
steve ossie
Good to have you with us
August 20th, 2013  

Topic: thanks for the welcome

Was intrigued to the amount of info I culled from the forums available on this site......... so much more than the books I have.
and enjoy the debates that flash back and forth.
Am presently intrigued with the development of an anti Zionist reaction in Israel, and the attention being drawn to the West Bank by people like Miko Peled, an ex para, turned peace activist.
While skimming through the Arab Israeli wars, am trying to see things from an Arab perspective.
Am also looking to discover similar self explorations in the Arab world, which surely must exist.
Enjoyed the documentary 'THE GATEKEEPERS' ..... interviews with the the heads of Israeli secret services from over the decades.

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