Would Sweden’s government kill the sale?

October 29th, 2007  

Topic: Would Sweden’s government kill the sale?

Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt has welcomed the sale although he did concede that the country’s strict arms export laws prohibit the sale of arms equipment to “non-democracies.”

Would the government kill such a sale? How badly would such a choice if made hurt the aircraft maker if the $1 billion dollar sale was canceled? I can’t see the deal being killed but I don’t know much about Sweden’s government to be honest and how they view such situations like this. It seems since Thailand already A/B Vipers upgrading or buying newer models might be one of there options if Sweden opts to stop the sale. The industry itself is big business and others will step in quickly for sure as we all know.

October 29th, 2007  
The Other Guy
they may... too early to tell.

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